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QADRI Air Control is a leading manufacturer of humidification and air conditioning systems for the weaving, spinning, and open-end mills in Pakistan. The company has been providing high-quality solutions to the textile industry for over a decades Plus and has established itself as a reliable partner for textile manufacturers. In addition to air conditioning and humidification systems, QADRI Air Control also supplies complete carding and combers filters and waste collection systems for textile mills. The company has a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to meet the specific needs of their clients. With a strong focus on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction,    QADRI Air Control has become a trusted name in the textile industry in Pakistan.

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Humidification is an important aspect of textile mills as it helps to maintain the ideal moisture levels required for the production of high-quality textiles. The process of humidification involves adding moisture to the air in the mill, which can help to prevent static electricity, reduce dust and lint, and improve the performance of certain machines. To achieve the desired humidity levels, textile mills use specialized humidification systems that can control the amount of moisture in the air. These systems typically involve the use of humidification, which can be based on water spray and are designed to distribute moisture evenly throughout the mill.

Humidification systems are especially important in textile mills that produce natural fibers such as cotton and wool, as these fibers are highly sensitive to changes in humidity. By maintaining the ideal moisture levels, textile mills can produce high-quality textiles products that are free from defects and meet the necessary quality.



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